Ph.D. Researchers

  • PhD: Jayant Singh

Project: Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control for Multi-Agent Collaboration with Cobots

  • PhD: Emil Mühlbradt Sveen

Project: Learning-Based Control and Vision for Robots

  • PhD: Nama Ajay Nagendra

Project: Adaptive distributed computation and networking for efficient learning across multiple collaborative agents

  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Dinsha Vinod
  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Siri Marte Schlanbusch

Master and Bachelor Students


  1. Master thesis in Mechatronics
    • Thesis title:  “Design and Development of a Low-cost Anthropomorphic Gripper for Service Robotics and Prosthetic Applications”
    • Students: Ravi Kumar and Jørgen Dale
    • Supervisors: Prof. Jing Zhou and Jayant Singh
  2. Master thesis in Mechatronics & ICT
    • Thesis title: Utilizing Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision in a Pick-and-Place Operation for Sorting Objects in Motion
    • Students: Kristoffer Sand and Trygve Andre Olsøy Solberg
    • Main Supervisor: Emil Mühlbradt Sveen (main) and Per-Arne Andersen (Co)
  3. Master thesis in Mechatronics
    • Thesis title: Robotic Picking in a Cluttered Environment Using Computer Vision
    • Student: Rasmus Als Hansen
    • Supervisors: Emil Mühlbradt Sveen (main) and Roy Werner Folgerø (co)


  • Master thesis in Mechatronics

Thesis title: Robot localization

Student: Espen Nilsen

  • Bachelor thesis in Mechatronics

Thesis title: Collision Prediction System for Collaborative Robots

Students: Kevin Hermann Skaar, Rodion Solheim, Henrik Hoang


  • Master thesis in Mechatronics

Student: Tom Erik Vange

Thesis title: Model-free object grasping with a learning-free approach.

  • Bachelor thesis in Mechatronics

Student Group: Eirik Magnus Skår, Benjamin Årøy Ims, Bjørn Enehaug

Thesis title: Human-Cobot Sequential Cooperation

  • Bachelor thesis in Mechatronics

Student Group: Eirik Eidhammer, Ravi Kumar, Jan-Philip Radicke,

Thesis title: Multiple Robot Cell Operation using Robot Operating System.